Warranty Information

Warranty & Maintenance Information

Your investment is as important to our team as it is to you, we have outlined the key steps to maintaining the beauty and longevity of your cabinets through the points provided in this care package. Please follow the outlined points under Maintenance, Care & Cleaning, and Helpful Hints in-order to maintain the integrity of our warranty.

Warranty Information:

  • Cortina Kitchens warrants its cabinets against all material defects and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of installation. At Cortina’s discretion they will repair or replace any part or component failing under normal care and use. This warranty is not transferable.
  • Aging affects the colour/finish and or grain of the cabinets. As a result, if replacement cabinets are required, Cortina Kitchens cannot guarantee exact colour, finish and or sheen match.


  • It is very important that your home is air conditioned. Humidifying your home during the dry months is as important as de-humidifying during the more warm and humid months. We recommend maintaining a relative humidity between 40% and 50% to avoid warpage, swelling, cracking and expansion.
  • To ensure your cabinets look at their best in the years to come Cortina has provided you with a user-friendly repair kit.

Care & Cleaning:

Please follow the cleaning methods listed below for Wood, Laminates, Painted MDF and PVC;

  • Dust to be removed with a Swiffer duster, lint-free cloth or vacuum before any damp cleaning.
  • Clean using a damp soft cotton cloth with dish soap and water or vinegar and water solution, one to one ratio
  • To avoid water marks, thoroughly wipe surface dry after every cleaning.

Helpful Hints:

Do not:

    • use abrasive cleaners, powders, steel wool, sandpaper or scouring pads.
    • use detergents, bleach, strong soap, and self-polishing waxes.
    • use cleaners containing acid, alkali or sodium hypochlorite and ammonia. These types of cleaners will cause scratches, corrosion and permanently discolour the laminate.
    • use scrapers to remove hardened materials (paint, glue, other)
    • use heat or steam below upper cabinets or place a hot cookware directly on a surface without using a trivet.
    • use solvent based cleaning materials (i.e. lacquer thinners, Varsol). The solvent will destroy the protective coating and the doors will discolour once exposed to UV rays.
    • leave standing water where cabinets meet the floor, near seams or mitred seams and sink areas to prevent swelling and discoloration.

Helpful Information:

  • High gloss laminate counter tops are extremely delicate. These surfaces scratch and mark easily and are not
  • Always use a cutting board on laminate surfaces.
  • It is highly advised to install a quality exhaust fan in your kitchen to keep the area clean and avoid excess build up of grease and moisture.
  • Protect your cabinets from direct sunlight with window coverings to avoid discolouration.

Cabinet Door Alignment and Drawer Adjustment Instructions: