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Celebrating 35 Years of Business

Over the past 35 years, our clients have allowed us to invest in our people and process,  provide unparalleled workmanship and customer care to thousands of Canadian families year-after-year, and most importantly, redesigning the spaces of your home, defining how you live, work and play.

Looking forward to another 35 years of building products backed by quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service

Thank you for allowing us to do what we love!

Covid 19 Update

To: All Clients, Customers, Supplier, & Affiliated Members,

Cortina’s primary responsibility is to keep our customers and employees as safe as possible. We are committed to keep our workplace virus-free even in this time of loosening regulations. Masks will be mandatory for any third parties coming into Cortina. Pre-screening will continue to be available for third parties entering Cortina Kitchens at Reception.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work through these years! We recognize that it has not been an easy journey, but we also recognize that Cortina Kitchens could not have made it through without the support of everyone.


Cortina Kitchens Human Resources Department

WSIB Health & Safety Excellence Program Member

Cortina Kitchens is dedicated to the health and safety of all our employees! Health and safety is the key factor for all the industries in order to promote the wellness of both employees and employers. Cortina Kitchens is proud to announce that we are a WSIB Health & Safety Excellence Program Member.

The program helps businesses improve their workplace health and safety – the program starts from awareness or knowledge of basic health and safety requirements and builds to excellence. This program demonstrates Cortina Kitchen’s commitment to our employees to uphold best health and safety practices possible. The badge and the program also challenges Cortina Kitchens to grow and improve our Health and Safety practices wherever possible.

Our efforts in promoting a hazard-free workplace for our people are fueled by our mission to build and continuously improve a health and safety-oriented culture.